5 Must-have Android Apps

So there’s no surprise that I’m a huge Android fan. I love my DroidX. So much so that I cradle it as I lay sleeping at night. No kidding.

I keep receiving requests for favorite Android apps, so here it goes!

1. TweetCaster by Handmark
I love this Twitter app! I have tried to use TweetDeck, but it constantly crashes or hangs. And it’s sloooow. I just haven’t been able to get used to HootSuite. I’ve tried since it first came out for the desktop and we just don’t jive. UberTwitter is great for the Blackberry, but you don’t have lists. Well, not easily. But TweetCaster… TweetCaster is awesome. Plus I love the cute little birdie sitting on top of the microphone when it launches!
Seriously, here’s why I love TweetCaster:
– Integrated Twitter Lists
– Facebook Integration
– Multi-account management
– RT with comments as an option
– Awesome graphical interface that makes it easy to tweet, read @replies and DMs, view lists, and quickly review favorites.
– Easy to view tweeter profiles
– Ability to share a tweet with other networks. (!!!)

2. Advanced Task Killer
The debate is out whether you need a task killer or not for Android.. My experience is yes, download a task killer to save your battery from some unnecessary stress. This app allows you to quickly disable specific applications running at any given time, or better yet, disable all apps directly from the Home screen.
Why I love this app:
– Easy to use
– I can choose the apps and services to stop
– I can turn off all apps with one tap of the Android dude on the Home screen
– The ignore list let’s me choose which apps to never turn off
– Ability to choose the auto kill level
– Security controls

3. Dolphin Browser
It’s a browser for Android. Yes, I’m a Firefox die hard, but even this foxy lady couldn’t pass up the uber coolness of Dolphin. It’s choc full of addons that will make your browsing experience on your Android device so much fun, that you won’t want to log on to your computer.
Why I love this app:
– The addons, especially the download page to PDF addon and read me later addon.
– Multi-tabbed browsing
– Easy to use & stable

4. Google Goggles
No, this isn’t a word twist, it’s a real application. A cool one at that.
Leave it to Google to come up this amazing technology. Simply take a picture of something and immediately search the internet based on what’s in the picture. Want to know more about a landmark you are strolling by? Take a snapshot, and Google Goggles goes to work, bringing back querries of webpages about the landmark.
Totally cool.
Why I love this app:
– It’s the lazy mans tour guide
– It’s a new way of searching the internet
– Take photos of landmarks, text in books, a label on a shirt or pair of shoes, artwork, wine… the possibilities are endless.

5. Barcode Scanner
Aside from the silly graphic affiliated with this app, it’s a pretty cool little free app. Simply aim your Android phones’ camera at a barcode or QR Code and bring up information about the product. Cool, yes?
Why I love this app:
– quickly search product reviews (barcodes)
– Find the lowest price of a product (barcodes)
– Use it to read QR Codes for URLs, contact info, and calendar events. Um, awesome!

There you have it. My top 5 Android Apps that you need right now.
Stay tuned for my favorite Android games.

What are your favorite Android apps?


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