Katie has a Facebook Fan Page!

After much thought, I’ve decided to separate my worlds a little bit. This goes against my conventional wisdom and my thoughts on a personal brand. For the record, I think people are your friends because of all that you are as a person – that includes your personal interests, hobbies, passions, and more. That may even include work now and then.

With that said, I’ve had a few friends on Facebook that are a little overwhelmed with all of the marketing gab that I share. I don’t blame them – I wouldn’t want to read about what’s new in the SEC world. So, I have a new Katie B. Roberts Facebook Fan page.

Don’t worry, I’ll still share the important stuff with my personal Facebook page. BUT, I’ll have even MORE content over at Katie B. Roberts, the official fan page.

I also plan to do some specials, contests, and all the other cool and fun things I preach about… so you want to make sure you are in on the fun. Plus, it’s cool to be an early adopter of Katie B. Roberts, the official fan page. ha!

So here you have it…. “Like” Katie B. Roberts, the official fan page on Facebook .. and you’ll be in the know of cutting edge marketing information on a regular basis. That’s a guarantee!

Hope to see you in the fan club!



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