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Marketing 2011: Predictions from the Field

Crystal ballSo we just read about my takes on 2010…. onto 2011.

No doubt that 2011 will be a game changing year, again. It will be interesting to see how the trends in marketing evolve, how the new technologies still to come will play the game, and how businesses will respond to the constant change in the industry.

Here’s what I predict:

1. Technology is going to fuel innovation
Duh. It’s going to challenge marketers to stay on their toes and adapt to everything that is still to come in social media, mobile marketing, print publications, advertising and more. I can’t wait!
If you aren’t integrated, you are going to fall behind next year.

2. Social Media will stay right where it is.
I don’t think social media will play any bigger role in the marketing plan than it did in 2010… except for those companies who have yet to jump on the bandwagon.
It will however, give new rise to the power of the customer. More customers will turn to social media for support, engagement, involvement, information, and more.

3. Mobile Marketing
This is on the cusp of being something big and cool. I think.
We have to work a few things out so it’s less of a nuisance, and we probably need some spam rules put in place.. but I see cool things happening.

PLUG: The American Marketing Association, Baltimore Chapter has just started mobile marketing. You can jump on the bandwagon to receive alerts about upcoming events, coupons to events, trivia, sweepstakes, and more!
Text AMA Baltimore to 34681 to join in the fun!

4. Sharing is caring.
Geo-location check ins were big in 2010, and expect this to expand in 2011. Check ins for televisions, hobbies, books, etc..Think of Oprah’s book club… but online, as an online community aggregator. We will read a book on our iPad, Kindle, Nook, Droid, or whatever, and we’ll be able to interact with others reading the same book or chapter. People will unite on what is familiar and alike among each other, online. It will evolve to offline shindigs, meetups, tweetups, and whatever else you call them.
And you can bet there will be an app for that.

5. Integrated marketing will remain popular. And necessary.
Yes, we will still have print advertising, only it will become bidirectional with QR codes, iPad, and other electronic reading devices. (See #4 above.)
Yes, we will still use email marketing. It’s cost effective and we can measure ROI. Oh, and we have most customers’ email addresses from our online content development and communication strategy, right?
Yes, SEO will still rule, but paid search will die. It’s sort of like paying for a product review. Dead.
Yes, social media will have it’s place.
Yes, events will make it in the plan too. Tradeshows, not so much. Think micro tradeshows… as tweetups/meetups.

6. The control remains in the hands of the customer.
There is no way around this, and for good reason. Marketers will need to be wherever the customer expects us to be, and we don’t have a whole lot of control over the message. Customers will be like walking billboards. Word-of-mouth marketing becomes king (despite many people still thinking that content is king).

There you have it.

    What do you think about 2011?
    What’s in your 2011 plan?
    What was in your 2010 plan that isn’t in your 2011 plan?

Inuring minds want to know!